Ritaj Ltd. has a expert professional team with more than fourteen years experience in providing advanced and turnkey solutions in the field of electrical power & control, telecommunications, healthcare, monitoring & control systems, security & safety systems, building management systems, smart home/building systems, management information systems, business process automation, management & marketing systems, advertising smart systems, information technology systems, outsourcing services, plus many other solutions that has deep impact on the way of life and business of our clients since 2005. Every day we connect our clients from residential, businesses, local & external communities with our strong technology based network by our special teamwork efforts.
We provide managerial and technical consulting services to various sectors such as education, healthcare, industry, construction, general trading, agriculture, tourism, energy, and services sector with all its categories. This is done based on our team experience in manipulating and developing technology, science, and advanced technologies in all fields to reduces operational costs and to develop systems that improves businesses production quality, increase performance, and provide easy ways to manage and operate any business.